5 Reasons Why First Aid Training Is A Must-Have!

People often seem confused over the question if taking first aid training is a need or a want? Or just a matter of one’s choice and priority. Whichever side you opt out for, it is evident that first aid course is something essential to make a better living in a community. 

There are also numerous reasons that why most of us ignore to take first aid training such as we do not have time, we do not know where to register and when, I know it all or defense mechanism that accidents happen to other people and not to me or my acquaintances, relatives, and friends. Getting over this psychological hindrance requires an individual to push one’s self beyond the limits and get out of the comfort zones. The best resort is to ask around from trained people if the course was worth it or not, they most common answer will be a ‘yes’.  

Wilson Medic One has been providing a very extensive range of pre-hospital care courses and training in Australia by considering your level of expertise in the field. So it could be a good starting point for beginners as well as semi-professionals.  

First Aid Training Is Essential 

Having first aid knowledge is an absolute necessity and below is given 5 reasons to prove the point: 

More than Saving Lives 

First aid certificate courses are not about saving lives only. Their impact is rather quite substantial and great. Your immediate and calm reaction to accidents can not only reduce the recovery time of patients but would also make a difference between having a temporary or permanent disability for a patient. All these possibilities are there due to your ability to stay calm and confident while attending the victims of accidents. On the top of it, your expertise and level of knowledge would always be a key in controlling an emergency situation.   

Enhanced Comfort Levels 

People tend to trust the first aider more with their safety than a layman, it’s human psychology. It is not necessary that all emergency situations lead to the doctor, many injury incidents in a routine life require rightly applied basic first aid such as a bandage or ice packs when needed could save a patient from discomfort and timely pain. Also, patients need assurance that things are going to be fine, Mental Health First Aid works wonder in recovery if done right. Another potent reason to opt out for first aid refresher course Perth 

Learn About Tools of Survival 

At times, we come across a situation where a patient needs instant first aid treatment else its situation deteriorates or could go worse. You, being a first aid trainer, can not only help to stabilise the patient’s condition until the professional medical help arrives but you can also collect the information about the accident to pass on the history to the emergency services to expedite the treatment process. At Wilsons Medic One, you would also be taught about how to use household items in case first aid kit is not available. These first aid courses enable you in managing a lot of emergency situations and you become a valuable link in the chain of survival for many.  

Care for All 

First aid training gives your confidence a boost in handling different nerve-wracking situations, you feel an indescribable calmness at coping up with even mentally challenging things. This difference is also quite evident in the situations of emergency when your approach of handling things collide with that of a layman’s.   

Safe Help, Healthy Living 

First aid refresher course enables you to assess the surrounding first while in an emergency situation to ensure that it is safe for you to lend help. This might sound selfish but it is practical, you cannot help others unless you are safe yourself. Also, you learn about a lot of healthy practices and habits of a daily life which could save you from developing many internal problems. Having the first aid knowledge does not only make you more aware of yourself but also, about the potential hazards posed by the surroundings. 

Assessing and evaluating from a distance is easier; however, probing from closer always help at finding the right answers. Same is the case with the question of taking up first aid refresher training course or not; or how beneficial its content would be for you or your specific needs. Wilson Medic One would help you by providing the right consultation and training so you could deal with the daily life’s unforeseen situations with confidence and a professional approach.  

Posted on July 25, 2018 in Health & Medical

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