Can a criminal lawyer defend the accused?

What type of lawyers do you think work in a single law firm? Do criminal lawyers have to defend the criminal or they just fight for their rights? Are injury law firms able to give the compensation to the victim by winning against the person who has caused the injury? What types of injuries are there that calls for a legal case? Many such and other related questions will be answered in this very article. Law is basically the set of rules and regulations set by the legislative body of the country and imposed on its citizens. Nobody is considered above the law; be it the president of the country himself. There are prescribed penalties for different types of crimes and each of these penalties are given according to the different sections of law. The people who fight for the rights of their client or against the person standing in court on behalf of their client are known as lawyers. There are different types of lawyers; varying from family lawyers to criminal lawyers in LiverpoolIn this article; we will be discussing about the fact that can a criminal lawyer defend the accused. 

Branches of law: 

We know what law is but it cannot be limited to one definition only as it has been divided into many different branches and each of these branches are further classified into many categories. There is this branch of property law in which the ownership or rights of a particular piece of land are given to the person who actually has the right of it. Similarly; there is family law in which matters, disputes and quarrels that arise within a family are solved in a court house. Each type of law is represented by the respective lawyers. There are as many types of lawyers as many branches of law are there. These lawyers might vary form corporate lawyers to divorce lawyers and from contract lawyers to constitutional lawyers.  

Law firms: 

Law firm is the firm or an entity which has been formed by the multiple number of lawyers. This firm is especially created to practice law and to provide rights to the people who come to ask for the justice.  There are some such law firms in which only one kind of law is practiced and then there are such law companies where multiple types or branches of law are practiced. In such law firms where lawyers form different branches of law sit together under one roof might include the lawyers like family lawyers, criminal lawyers; will and estate lawyers and so on.  Let us take an instance of an injury law firm in which different types of lawyers work under the firm to help their client in getting them the deserved compensation.  

Criminal lawyers: 

The types of lawyers who practice criminal law in which the offenders are punished or are given penalty as per the extent of their crime are known as criminal lawyers. Any individual whose act is perceived as harmful, endangering or threatening to another’s property, health or family is considered as a crime. Any kind of violence against the society, citizens or the public property is considered as crime like murder, robbery, driving while being drunk, threatening and so on. Now; in a court house, there are two types of lawyers belonging to the same branch of law known as criminal law. One type of lawyer is the one who fights against the criminal; this type of lawyers is known as prosecutor. Then there is another type of criminal lawyer who defends the rights of the one who has committed a crime in an effort to reduce his penalty; this type of lawyer is known as a defendant.  

Can a criminal lawyer defend the accused? 

The answer to the above mentioned question is yes; a criminal lawyer can defend the accused. Even though the crime cannot be hidden but still the criminal lawyer can fight for the accused by reducing his time in jail, by helping him in getting bail, by trying to compensate his physical remand and so on. 


Anyone who breaks or violates law is considered as a criminal. There are many different types of lawyers who help their client in provide them with the legal rights. “JT legal practice” is the exceptional law firms based in Liverpool which offers the best services of criminal lawyers 

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