Scoring The Best Hip Replacement Surgeon In Australia

Hip is a major joint for upper body and lower body part, any problem in the pelvic or hip area could lead to interrupting the routine functions of a human body, no matter how small or large scale the problem is. Life is very fast paced and rapid in Australia, one moment you are at one point of the city, the other moment you would be elsewhere far-off, the constant shuffling from places makes the human body vulnerable to issues emerging out of weaknesses or negligence. Therefore, it is recommended by the doctors across the globe to have your complete tests and checkup done intermittently in order to be aware of the needs or issues that your body has been going through recently.

There was a time that people suffering from hip related issues used to go for the medications to cure the issue at hand and in extreme damage, to ease the pain. But today things have changed due to the evolution of information technology and globalisation, you can get your hip replaced from the qualified surgeons operating in Australia and keep on functioning like it has been normal the whole time. However, it is important that you find a qualified and experienced hip replacement surgeon to do the job for you. Dr. David Slattery is a renowned name of the field regarding the subject matter, his specialisation in paediatrics, pelvic and hip related problems have earned him a credible name across the region. You can seek consultation from him to form the initial pathway towards the solution of your hip problems.

Besides, there are certain things that one must follow in order to find the right specialist for hip surgery in Australia, such as:

Hands-on Experience 

The first thing you need to do to score a reasonable hip replacement specialist Melbourne is to make a list of 3 potentials and check out their credentials along with the hands-on experience in the field. Look out for their qualifications, affiliations with relevant hospitals, number of surgeries performed per year, success rate, patient satisfaction record and foremostly, methods of surgeries. All these things would help you figure out to a great extent if your choice is right or not.

Seek Referrals 

You can ask your friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues to refer you to someone with whom they have had direct experience regarding the concerned matter of hip replacement Australia. You should ask your general care physician or doctor as well to refer you to someone in his or her circle who has a good track record at pulling off such surgeries.

Education & Verification 

You should keep a check on his or her educational backgrounds, certifications and fellowships in order to form an opinion. Apart from this, you must verify his or her credentials as well from the concerned local or state bodies to determine the information given is true and effective. Hip replacement in Australia is a sensitive issue, therefore, ensure before signing up with any specialist that it is going to go into safe hands.

Ask Questions 

It is imperative that you pour your heart out to your hip replacement specialist Melbourne regarding all the fears and risk that are erupting in your head. A good surgeon will answer you sufficiently well enough so you could fully understand about the procedure, risks involved and the road to recovery.

Seek The Second Opinion 

Like mentioned earlier, hip replacement is a sensitive matter therefore, it is recommended to seek the second opinion about the subject matter before opting for replacement surgery. Most of the specialists have no issue with the patients going for the second opinion, therefore, you should take advantage of such acceptance. However, ensure that your second specialist is in a different hospital than the first surgeon.

Last but not least, your inner gut feeling will let you if you’re doing the right thing or making the correct selection or not. Follow what the heart says after the first initial consultation with your specialist doctor and then just go for it. Your heart will let you know if you are satisfied with his or her approach towards your treatment or not. Dr. David Slattery is quite good when it comes to putting patients at ease and at home in the first consultation meeting. He understands the fears of his respective patients and addresses the issue at hand accordingly.

Posted on February 8, 2019 in Health & Medical

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