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Books are said to be man’s best friend and rightly so because books will never leave you alone and will never make you feel lonely. They can be your partner for every activity and every place; you can travel with them, you can sleep while reading them, you can have your tea with them, you can enjoy the evening time with them and so on. There are so many books and so little time to enjoy each one of them. Books cannot be categorized as right or wrong ones rather they can only be chosen on the basis of your personal preferences. There are various categories of books that are divided on the basis of genres, on the basis of geographical regions and so on. These books can vary from horror books to fictional books, from contemporary ones to comic ones and so on. Similarly; on the basis of region, there is Asian literatureChinese literature, American literature and many more. Every kind of a book might interest you as long as it has a good story or content to give. In this article; we will be discussing about some of the best Asian literature in Australia.  

Classification of books: 

We know that a room without a book is like a body without a soul.  There are as many types of books as many type of things we see around us plus about lot of such things which are in our imaginations. These books might be informative ones, about living beings, about fiction, about art and culture, etc. Libraries are filled with these books and classified on the basis of Dewey decimal classification, colon classification, author classification, geographical classification and chronological classification. Let us preview about some of the books in the following paragraphs. 

  • Contemporary fiction books: 

Fiction books are the ones that are purely based on imagination. They have nothing related to the real life characters, events or places. They do not state a historical fact or religious quite. Contemporary fiction books are such kind of a fiction books which such story or characters are created that have the chances of existing in the real world even if they are not seen or heard until now. These books are about the dreams that we chase; the situations that we cherish and the world that we fantasy. These books might vary from the kite runner to the sun queen and from the very thought of your to the women without men.  

  • Historical fiction books: 

Historical fiction is another category of fiction books; however, these are the kind of books which are based on the settings of the history. Even though these books do not state the fact of history but they take us to the ancient times with its character settings. Some of the bets historical fiction books include; All the light we cannot see, the rose code, outlander, etc. 

  • Nonfiction books: 

Nonfiction books are the exact opposite of fictional books. They are sometimes informative and sometimes factual. Some of the bets nonfiction books include; the sixth extinction, unbroken, a room of one’s own and so on. 

Some of the best Asian literature books: 

Even though we cannot classify the books of Asian literature to specific genre or category but still we can point out some of the highlights of these books. These books are rich in culture and history. They are great in explaining the settings and characters of the story. The Asian literature comprises of Pakistani literature, Korean books; Chinese literature and so on. We will be naming some of the best Asian literature in the following lines. There is “The runaways” by Fatima Bhutto that describes the lure radicalism with sympathy in her novel. Then there is “A golden age” by Tahmima Anum which mesmerises us with Bengal’s landscapes. “The new anthem” is written by twenty two South Asian writers depicting the interesting stories about their culture, religion and region. Half the night is gone, the far field and the empty room can be counted as some other such outstanding works of Asian writers.  


Books are the source of escape for human beings; an escape from the harsh realities; escape form the tiredness, an escape from the loneliness and anxiety. There are various categories and classifications of books. You can buy the best variety of them; be it the Asian literature books or the contemporary fiction books from “Genji and Co.”.   

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