Steps to prepare your car stickers and letterhead!

There are many software’s available on the internet through which you can prepare various printing stuff but to use them is sometimes difficult. Sometimes you also do not get the required thing you want. So, today we will discuss some steps through which you can prepare your letterheads and car stickers.  

Well, custom car stickers are the trending things nowadays. You can buy various stickers from the shop and décor your car with them. Have you ever thought that you can design such types of stickers that enhance the beauty of your car? All these can be done in simple ways. Just follow the steps that are mentioned below. Before we proceed further, let us know about the letterheads and custom car stickers. It will be easy for you to develop and show some creativity with the stuff you want.  

What is a letterhead? 

When you give a job interview and receive a letter from the company, then you might have noticed that at the top of the letter the company logo and name are printed that gives a catchy and professional look to the letter. Such types of letters are known as letterheads. Well, you can prepare your company letterheads without any difficulty. Here, we will provide you the detailed steps for creating the letterheads.

What are custom car stickers? 

Some people especially boys like to décor their car with different stuff. They use different stickers like some sort of shape, logo, and also their name in different styles. But sometimes, you do not get the car sticker of your name. So, do not fret you can create your stickers by following the steps mentioned below. 

Steps to create the letterhead: 

Well, on the internet different websites are available that provide to print your letterheads. The most popular website through which you can print your letterheads is Canva. So, the steps are given below for creating the letterheads through Canva. 

  • The first step when you use the Canva is to log in to the website. If you do not have an account, then sign up. You will get all the access to the online software.
  • When you will log in. Different types and options will be available. From the option select the letterheads.
  • On the letterheads, you will get multiple designs of the letterhead. Select the one that will best suit your organization structure.
  • Make changes to the template.
  • Write the letter and proofread it.
  • When all the written task is performed, then your letterheads is ready for printing.
  • If you want to download it, then a button is present, and download it or print it as per your requirements.
  • You can follow these steps and prepare your letterheads in a short time. 

Steps to prepare the custom car sticker: 

You can prepare your custom car stickers easily. Well, different websites and software are available through which you can perform the task. The simple steps are listed below: 

  • First, you have to think of the design you want to create for the custom car stickers, sketch it on the page. 
  • Scan the rough design. 
  • Open the Photoshop software, then open the picture you scanned. 
  • Insert few colours in the sketch. If you want to add your name to the sticker, then you can add it through the text tool. 
  • Select an attractive font shape and adjust the name where it looks best. 
  • Save the picture in JPEG format. 
  • Open the blank word document and insert the picture you saved for the sticker. 
  • You can open the picture in different shapes like oval, square, rectangular, and whatsoever you want by selecting the shape, and insert it inside the shape option. 
  • The picture will appear inside the shape. 
  • Adjust the size what you want. 
  • Now it turns to print it. But you have to print the sticker on the paper that must stick to your car. You have to use the inkjet printer for this purpose.  
  • Place the sheet in the tray of the printer and print the sticker 
  • You will get the exact thing that you designed.  
  • Now, the sticker is ready for placing on the car. 


In a nutshell, both things are easy to prepare. You can follow the steps and prepare both things in a short time. The new software has improved the functioning and task of the people. 

Posted on April 22, 2021 in Marketing & Advertising

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