12V Adapters & Their Usage For Your Car

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Yes, yes, gibberish right here for everyone! Basically, inverter is something you can plug into your car and use any electronic device as a source to get the electricity. This is the solution for many of your woes, including car changing, but isn’t the best of solutions. Some devices do not run on them and can end up getting damaged, sometimes beyond repair as well. Sometimes medical equipment in hospitals get wasted due to this negligence as well. If you eliminate the inverter and remove it out of the equation, your life will become a lot easier and a lot safer. All the devices that you are powering an unsafe way can be powered in a safe way by a 12V adapter. 12V adapter when plugged into a 12V socket can do wonders.  

Ditch The Inverter  

The easiest option is to plug a regular wall adapter for your cellphone or laptop into the car power inverter and get your device charged. As mentioned above, the easiest options are generally the riskiest options as well. It is generally a waste of your items in a long run. No inverter is completely efficient, and some energy is lost in converting from DC to AC. This is where 12v inverter jumps in. When you plug a normal DC rectifier into a normal inverter, you are basically forcing your inverter to reverse the work. In this process, you lose even more energy then you had at the first place. So, what’s the big deal? It might not sound like that big of a deal, but that depends on how the electronics are being used and run in your vehicle. If you plug in when the engine is running, your pump will have to face the consequences, resulting in fuel inefficiency. If the loss in efficiency is around or more than 50 per cent, it can make all the difference in the world. You are sucking the power twice from your battery, and it can result in completely leaving the juice inside the battery morbid. Think over it! 

The Right 12v Adapters 

Thought most of the devices that use AC/DC rectifier can use a 12v DC adapter, that isn’t the problem. What the problem is that finding the right 12v Adapter isn’t an easy thing. If your manufacturer doesn’t offer one, then there are three basic things you should consider. That include output voltage, plug size/style, and output amperage. These are difficult terms, but won’t be difficult when you discuss them beforehand. Starting with the 12v adapter plugs, you would have to see few signature characteristics before deciding. The inner diameter of the barrel, the outer diameter, the thickness of the pin and whether or not the plug fits easily are the few things. Universal adapters generally come with different types of plug that work with almost all sort of devices. If your device isn’t mentioned in the list then you should do a little research and see which one does. Next up are adapter voltage and amperage. If you look at your own adapter, you should easily be able to find the voltage and amperage outputs. If you want a 12v adapter to work with your device then find the compatible amperage and voltage for it as well. In some cases, you don’t find a definite hard number and instead you have to look for a range. To ease it for you, the universal adapters are capable of offering a rang of amperages and voltage for a wide coverage. 

To summarize it, both of the mentioned issues will be arguable, if your device uses the USB standard. Majority of the modern tablets, cellphones and GPS navigation units use USB standard. The general rule for such devices is that if it has either micro or mini USB port, you can power it with any 12v USB adapter. It is a bit more complicated when you implement it, but pay us heed and try your luck! You won’t regret, believe us. It will save your devices in a long run.  

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