5 Questions To Ask Your Would-Be Driving Instructor

It is good to be able to have a driving license with the ability to drive safely across Australia. Driving car is not as much important as it is to drive safely while having regard for others on the road. There are many driving schools all across Australia which have been emphasising utmostly on safe driving by arranging their programs and sessions in a way which would help the client grasp right knowledge with a practical approach and by being a safe driver for others. However, the quality of training and education vary from school to school, therefore, it is important that a person must run through minute research in person and over the internet before finalising any school to trigger its training. F1 Driving School has been doing great in this regard as their focus in more on turning amateur into safe professional drivers as compared to a mere driver. It is, therefore, necessary that a person must ask following 5 FAQs from the instructor before binding a deal with them because it is you who would have to deal with the instructor and not the school, therefore, it is important that you meet him or her in person to figure out if it could get along with you fine as per your disposition or not.

For How Long You Have Been Teaching & Training People? 

This may seem like a rude opening question but it can actually turn out to be a groundbreaking question, heading to become a conversation opener. Besides, your would-be driving instructors Maribyrnong would get to know in this way that you are a well-informed student, eager to learn from an expert. Bear in mind that, different people look at this question differently, some prefer to get training from the fresh or novice trainers due to their changed approach to learning while others would like to take aboard an experienced instructor with plenty of experience under its belt already.

What’s So Intriguing About Teaching Driving? 

This seems more like an interview question and it has to be that way because you are actually hiring someone to take a job of teaching you about driving. You need to find someone who is passionate about teaching and training people for the subject matter instead of getting alone with someone who has been doing it just for the sake of it. Things that you get to learn from a passion-driven driving trainer Australia are going to make a lot more sense and would be a great fun than others.

What’s Your Pass Rate Among Students? 

The rationale behind asking this question is not to figure out someone with a 100% pass rate but to assess if the prospect cares enough about it or not. You do not want to be stuck with someone who does not even know how his or her students have been doing in the actual tests. A good instructor generally talks about its pass rate very proudly and openly instead of making a wild guess.

Why Should I Choose You Over Other, Economical Options? 

This is another interrogative question requiring the driving instructors Maribyrnong to satisfy you in terms of why should they invest in. By asking this, they will tell you what difference they can bring upfront for you as compared to others. Generally, the good ones are well aware of their worth and hence, they rarely haggle on their price tag because they know if not you someone else is going to pay them as per their demand for the services. However, they can give you an extra piece of information in response to this answer which could help you in locking your final decision.

Tell Me More About Your Teaching Method? 

This is the most important question than others because its answer is going to determine what you are going to learn and what you are not going to learn. You need to find an instructor whose teaching methods align with yours in order to make you learn quickly and successfully. As a few people like to learn by the way of getting directions from the instructors, while others like to go for the partnership based learning and then there would also be those who would like to know everything or detail beforehand even before getting hands-on with the practical lessons. Considering this, be very vigilant when your prospect is answering over this question because it is going to be a defining moment of your investment.

One must ask questions from its instructors in order to know things better, it is not recommended to choose what others set for you or recommend you. You should be able to assess yourself as it is going to be your journey.


Posted on April 11, 2019 in Auto Services

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