5 Things To Consider To Buy Breakfast Bar Stools

Finding the right bar stool for a kitchen is a quest that never ends and takes a great amount of time and effort to get fulfilled. It is quite evident that kitchen is considered to be the main area of the house where a person most of its time, cooking, eating, chatting and taking the most important decisions of one’s life. It is, therefore, necessary that the room is fully equipped with all the necessary furniture and style statement adding a tint of compliment to your personal style statement and the overall design symmetry of the house. Gone are the days when kitchens tend to be cumbersome and cluttered, nowadays it has to be very prim and proper, and more likely to be fulfilling.

Aussies are very touchy about the aesthetics of their houses as these have to be as per their own tastes and preferences. They leave no stone unturned to find the pieces which match with their imagination. Breakfast stool is one such kind which requires a lot of work beforehand, even before making the final purchase because their placement and importance in a kitchen could make or break its overall look. Therefore, be very cautious while on the spree of buying one because the bar area has to be looked inviting for open chats, eating and enjoying the moments together.

There are different vendors dealing in various types of bar stools however you need to figure out with whom you want to call for a final deal. Factory Buys have been doing a great job in this regard as they have housed and enlisted all the widely renowned and accepted designs at their online store that too, at incredible prices. Moreover, there are certain things that a person must take into consideration before making the final purchase decision regarding the kitchen stools, such as:

Height Measurement 

Buying breakfast bar stools is not an easy task, as you either enter the shop or go online and place an order based on your liking because there are different factors involved in the final decision starting from getting the height of the stools right in the first place. Therefore it is imperative that you measure the height from the ground to the underside of your bar table. Make sure that your legs have room to move around and be relaxed, ideally, there should be a 25 cm gap between the seat and the surface but check as per your own requirement that which one would deem appropriate.

Width For Numbers 

You will be measuring the width of the bar table before reaching the final number of bar stools you would be requiring. Start from the sides, leave up to 75cm room between the seats and an extra 10cm to 12cm for the arm space. Like mentioned earlier, getting the measurements right is an absolute necessity to score the perfect breakfast stools in Australia.

Feet & Base Measurement 

It is important to measure the base of the stools and take it into consideration as well especially when the seat has lesser width in comparison to the base. Because despite the seat having ample adjustment space underneath the bar table would not be able to accommodate the feet and legs that comfortable if not given the due attention. As there’s no point sitting on the stools in uncomfortable posture with your legs and feet tangled around.

Choice of Materials 

There is a wide and vast variety of materials and colours available in breakfast bar stools Australia. So the only limit you are going to face is of your budget. The more you spend the better quality and durability you will get out of it. And it is recommended to score the best and quality pieces to adorn your kitchen as it would ensure sturdy, durable and long-lasting life of such pieces later on.


If given a chance, it is highly recommended to have a trail of the bar stools before putting a bet on them in order to shun all the what-ifs from your head. There are a few vendors who allow you to have a trial but many refuse to do so especially when it comes to online buying. Therefore, it is recommended to find someone who is open about the trial.

There are various types and trends available in the market when it comes to kitchen bar stools, you really need to be aware of your own taste and preference about it before making a final decision.


Posted on February 10, 2019 in Ecommerce

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