Customisable plastic boxes for your products!

Going through our drawers, we can always find something meaningful buried in the deepest corners. It can be something memorable that we wanted to keep safe, maybe a gift of some sort, or it can just be something that we put there and forgot, and which took on meaning with the passage of time. Coming across such things can be a real trip down memory lane and it can take us back to that very special time. This is especially true if we come across some gift or so, put in our drawers to keep safe. After so many years, finding something like this can be a real treat. However, the bitter truth is that a lot of the times the things that we put away for safekeeping, so that we can treasure them through the years often end up deteriorating with time. This can be especially true if we don’t keep them in some airtight or otherwise strong containers which can help the products withstand wear and tear. Pieces of paper can be crumpled and torn, or can grow damp and can deteriorate with humidity. Other gifts too can fade away and lose their charm. Therefore, for those of us who are actually making these gifts, there can be nothing more important than housing our products in packaging to keep them safe no matter what. Here are three benefits of using bespoke plastic boxes.

  1. When we think of plastic boxes, the first thing we think of is not usually ‘trendy’. We usually imagine plastic boxes to be the bland, boring boxes that were tossed in the garbage as soon as the product was unwrapped. These plastic boxes hardly stood out in front of the seemingly more sophisticated wooden or paper boxes, which were customised to suit the product and the line. However, those days are long gone. Nowadays the tables have turned and wooden and paper boxes are indeed on their way out, while bespoke plastic boxes are all the rage. This is in part due to the fact that wooden and paper boxes are extremely environmentally unfriendly, whereas plastic boxes use PET plastic which leaves little to no carbon footprint. Therefore, customers will be much more likely to invest in a product which is not just trendy, but environment friendly too.
  2. Apart from being totally on trend right now, the plastic gift box can let you house your special products in packaging that is completely reflective of your company and your vision. In this manner, the packaging itself can become a way for you to market your company, and it can help you increase your reach. There aren’t just colours that we can customise, but using the unique malleability of PET plastic, the product can be housed in packaging of any shape and any size. Unique effects can be added, such as embossing, frost, velvet and matte coating and so much more. In this manner, just a glance at the packaging won’t just attract the customer, but it’ll also mean that the customer remembers your brand forever.
  3. However, looks aren’t everything. The plastic gift box might be totally customisable, but it is also extremely durable. It can withstand temperatures and situations that the wooden and paper boxes couldn’t dream of withstanding, such as extreme humidity, water exposure or wear and tear. Plastic boxes have the ability to hold their shape and remain completely safe for whatever it is that you are selling no matter what. This can be extremely beneficial during shipping, as it can mean that nothing ever goes to waste. In addition to this, it can mean that you really get your money’s worth with these boxes.

Being able to withstand all sorts of temperatures and situations, and being remarkable from the first glance, years and years later the gifts that will bring us the most joy will obviously be the ones housed safely in their bespoke, sturdy plastic boxes. At HLP Klearfold, you can design the perfect, bespoke plastic boxes for your products. In addition to this, HLP Klearfold vows to use only PET plastic, which can have you rest assured that your products don’t impact the planet adversely at all.

Posted on February 8, 2019 in Business Services

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