Ditch the plastic and save the earth!

When the ‘plastic revolution’ came around, it seemed that plastic was one of the best inventions of mankind, if not the best. There was nothing that we couldn’t do with plastic – it could be used as a cheaper and much more easily accessible alternative to a lot of other materials, and before we knew it most of the things that we used in our day to day lives – ranging from furniture, to bags and to packaging – were all made with plastic. With such widespread use of plastic, the drawbacks of it soon started to show up in the landfills and seas of the world, which were increasingly become clogged with tons of plastic products, most of them being products used in our day to day lives such as bags, disposable cups and straws. The impact that these small, seemingly insignificant products have had upon the earth is unprecedented – in just a few years our earth has become so contaminated that future generations will have to carry on the work of undoing the immense damage that has been done. However, it is still extremely pertinent that we all take all the measures we can in order to prevent adding to the already hazardous level of pollution.  

Drawbacks of plastic bags  

The steps that we can take at the individual level might seem too small to be able to make a difference, but that cannot be further from the truth. In fact, it is these steps that can help us undo many, many years of damage and can help us make the earth a better, greener place for our future generations. Plastic bags are amongst the 12 most commonly found items in coastal debris, and these bags have contributed to the deaths of many aquatic species who mistake them for food, or end up tangled in the bags are eventually die. With the situation growing increasingly dire each day, the least we can all do is opt to use reusable bags instead of single use plastic bags for our daily activities. One bag alone can help us carry a lot of weight, unlike the flimsy plastic bags, and it can last a very long time compared to plastic bags that are mostly thrown away once we have emptied them of their contents. 

Benefits of jute bags  

Jute shopping bags can be an extremely welcome blast from the past, and they can be the perfect way for us to get our daily groceries, or shopping in general, without the added guilt of choking the planet to death with plastic bags. These bags can last a very long time as they are made from high quality, strong jute and can be washed so that any spillages can be removed. The biggest benefit of using these bags is for the environment however; as they are 100% cotton and so will biodegrade completely unlike plastic bags which only photo degrade and leave behind harmful substances. Using jute bags can also be an extremely budget friendly option, as one bag can cost quite less and can be used for a long time.  

Bamboo cups to save the earth 

Just like plastic bags, plastic cups and other disposable cutlery are also amongst the most common forms of plastic debris that contributes to land and water pollution. Most of us toss away our coffee cups as soon as we are done with them, without a second thought. However, with a bamboo reusable coffee cup in Australiawe can act responsibly. These cups aren’t just functional, however, but are also quite attractive and chic and spotting one down the street can make you want to get your hands on one ASAP as well. With a large serving capacity, and stainless steel design, this cup can keep your coffee warm with no cost to the environment.  

At Reuzeit, you can do your part in helping prevent any further plastic damage done to the earth, by using their high quality, biodegradable products. Ranging from drink ware to bathroom supplies, everything in their catalogue is designed to be earth friendly and designed to let the common man do his part in helping save the earth for the generations to come.  

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