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It is only too often that we order something and when it gets here, the package may be squished, torn or otherwise damaged. As the customer who spent some money on ordering something, this can be more than just simply annoying. It can also feel like a lot of wasted money, considering our package didn’t even arrive in great shape as it was supposed to. The company on the other end can suggest that the fault wasn’t theirs, and that the damage happened while the product was being shipped. At the end of the day, the loss is for both the sides, but perhaps greater for the company – the customers become disgruntled and end up receiving less than they bargained for and the companies end up losing customers. Good, loyal customers really do form the backbone of any company that is running well. Without them, no company can ever hope to grow, flourish or even exist. This is why it is so important to take care of all aspects when catering to customers and one such very important aspect is taking care of shipping. Our job doesn’t just end when we send the product off to be shipped. Rather, we need to make sure that the product reaches the customer in the best condition and here are three ways that wooden storage crates can help us do exactly that.

  1. The one thing which is of immense importance to all business owners is ensuring that we can minimise on costs wherever possible. After putting in all that cash into making sure the product comes out right, spending on storage crates can seem like just an extra added hassle. However, one of the biggest benefits about using wooden storage crates is that they can be extremely affordable. This is because wooden crates do not cost much to manufacture in the first place, as the raw materials that are used are natural in the first place, and there aren’t any technicalities when it comes to constructing the boxes as well. Should we opt for a reliable company as well, we can get the crates we want a very affordable rate which can make protecting our goods as easy as it can get!
  2. There is literally nothing easier than using wooden storage crates. These crates can be customised to the exact size and shape that we require, and afterwards all we need to do is stack them up and we are good to go! These crates are extremely durable and sturdy, and they are perfect for stacking up. This way, they can be perfect for transporting even the heaviest of goods, because the materials can withstand all sorts of pressures, without letting the products be damaged in any way whatsoever. They crates can also allow in light but can keep the products safe from any other elements that they may be exposed to. Therefore, wooden crates can be perfect to use as they can provide a very safe and sturdy environment and can also be easy to use.
  3. These crates aren’t just something that we use once and then get rid of. Instead, they can be used as long as we may wish! Owing to their durability, these wooden storage crates can be used for years on end, and therefore a onetime investment can last us for a very long time. Apart from using the crates for shipping and other transportation purposes, these crates can also be used to store products and therefore that makes them very multipurpose. They can be stacked on top of one another to minimise space in warehouses as well.

With these shipping crates, we can ensure that our product reaches the customer safe no matter what goes on in the shipping journey. If you are looking for a reliable company to provide great wooden storage crates, look no further than Reclaim Timber, where you can find ever y need for crates fulfilled. These crates aren’t just durable, but are also multipurpose and extremely easy on the pocket and are sure to last you many years to come. With these crates, you can ensure that your customer is always satisfied with what arrives on their doorstep.

Posted on April 11, 2019 in Construction & Building

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