How To Declutter Your Room, One Step At A Time!

Decluttering your home is one hell of a task, we all agree to that. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning up or just giving up items that aren’t used frequently, there is a lot of work to be done as far as decluttering is concerned. So, what to do if it has become a dire need to remove the excessive objects from your house? Do it one step at a time. You can break down your decluttering spree into different zones including the master room, kitchen, guest room and the storage area, etc. This will help you in achieving the purpose you intended to, without freaking you out that you have a lot of work to do. Having said that, you just need the will to get started, because otherwise there isn’t a lot of stuff that is required to get you into your cleaning mood. So, once you have collected all that’s required, now is the time to start decluttering your room, one step at a time. 


Start with the bathroom, because we hope it is the place where you have accumulated the least amount of unwanted stuff. Begin with the medicine cabinet and take out all the expired medications, makeup that you don’t use anymore and skin care products that you don’t like. Collect them in a black bag or a cardboard box so you can opt for bin hire Dandenong and send them to their final destiny. Meanwhile, make sure that while you are removing all the unnecessary stuff, you keep organising the one you want. Arrange them in terms of height and from the most to least used. Once the medicine cabinet is cleaned, move on to any extra drawers or spa cabinets, if any. Do a thorough evaluation, and again remove all those items that don’t need a space in your washroom anymore. The easiest way to declutter and to keep it that way for a good amount of time is to keep the items you use the most in the top drawers, so you don’t create a mess whenever you use them. Finally, see what’s under the bathroom sink and sort out the items that should not be there. When you are satisfied that all the junk is out, sort them out into piles as per their fate, which could either be a trash can or a bin that’s parked outside.  


Alas, this is the trickiest of all. Our bedroom is the place, which suffers the most. If you are anything like us, your entire closet will be lying outside on the bedroom floor. So, this is how you get started. Don’t panic and don’t worry at the sight of the mess that you call your bedroom. Now that you have taken the bold step to declutter, stick to it and work hard. Start off by making your bed and spreading a nice and clean sheet on it. An unmade bed is the biggest demotivation and no matter how much progress you make, it will drag you to think negative. Hence, once the bed is made, you will feel positively refreshed. Move on to the nightstands, because they usually contain items that do not need to be thrown and only need to be put away. Thus, remove all those things that should not be there, including your pens, paper, the books you have read and a pair of eyeglasses that is shouting for a repair since ages. When these are sorted, move on to the stuff that will go directly into your bin hire Dandenong, like used tissue papers, coffee cups, etc. Repeat the same procedure with your chests, bureaus, and dresses. However, be careful here that your clothes, jewelry and makeup items will be strewn around, so don’t throw them and keep them away in the bin that contains the stuff in use, which has to go to the proper place. Categorise all the stuff that needs to be stored properly, thrown or to be given away in the donation, carefully. 


Last comes the closet. When the bathroom and the room are clean, the closet might not sound like a big deal, but once you open it, there are high chance you might get a mini-heart attack. But, don’t worry, you just need to follow, what you followed above. Start pulling out various types of clothing and throw them into different piles including dirty laundry, things that need repair, donations, things that need to go back to the closet and the things that have their place elsewhere. When you have all the stuff sorted out in piles, it will become much easier to just allot them the place they were intended to be initially. Easy peasy!  




Posted on December 6, 2018 in Construction & Building

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