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Are you expecting or does your bedroom wall lack a picture of your newborn? Well, your solution lies in the growing trend of newborn photography. Back in the 90s, before the advent of modern day internet, Anne Geddes sold an estimate of 19 million books worldwide featuring naked newborns curled up in pea pods or nestled in hollowed out watermelons. Decades later, her work has given birth to a new era of newborn photography which is no longer just for the purpose of baby modelling or greeting cards but for first time parents to fill up their social media accounts with pictures of their newborns in rustic baskets to show to the world just how adorable their little one is. The concept of newborn photography is distinctly a millennial phenomenon as its only logical that a generation which photographs everything from their mirror selfies to the chilli fries they had for lunch, would get a professional to shoot their newborn. It is much like hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding as you would want to capture your baby and have these beautiful mementos, so they can look back in a decade to a time where their child was so little that you could carry them without having to strain your back. 

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so it means that a photograph is a great asset to capture and record important events in your life. Thus, it is really important for you to get a maternity or newborn photo shoot. Women who are expectant embrace the idea of a maternity photo shoot, so they get to record the changes in their life and document their journey to motherhood. Newborns are a joy which should be cherished through many celebrations which include photographs which are kept as keepsakes with lasting memories that strengthen family bonds. It is common for people to enjoy such photographs regularly is that they reconfirm their love and commitment to each other as a responsible and caring family. Furthermore, maternity and newborn photography is a perfect way of diverting from work stress and remind you of the new role of your life besides work and yourself. Moreover, such photographs will help your child appreciate earlier childhood events and understand the growing process later on in his/her life. 

Siobhan Wolff is a newborn and maternity photographer Melbourne who being a mother understands the need for you to record these miraculous events because she realised that how quickly children grow up and how you sometimes you wish you could freeze a moment in time, so we could enjoy for a little longer. Siobhan strives to provide you with lasting memories to enjoy for years to come and to capture the essence of newborn beauty because it is a phase that is over in a blink of an eye. The photographs taken of your young ones are of timeless quality, which you can cherish even when the time has come that all their baby clothes don’t fit anymore, and their toys have had their time. These photographs capture the innocence and beauty of your newborn by using her more than 6 years of experience to correctly handle and pose your newborn. 

At Siobhan Wolff Photography, the service being provided is adjusted according to your needs and requirements. She uses props and accessories to make sure that the final result is unique to you and your newborn. Her sessions vary from mini sessions to four hour long sessions with a pre shoot consultation to discuss the styling and colour choices to be used in the session. Furthermore, she offers pregnancy photoshoots which are to create a timeless memory of your incredible journey which you will cherish forever. A maternity portrait will provide you with a permanent memory of this special time in your life, and the life of your expanding family as Siobhan documents your unique journey into motherhood.

Siobhan Wolff is considered the one of the best maternity photographer and newborn photographer Melbourne as she caters to your needs and moulds her service according to each client whose testimonials praise the way she handles newborns and for creating memories that last for years to come. Siobhan also provides photo shoots for families which aim to capture that unique connection between family members. So, book your session today and create memories that you’ll cherish forever. 


Posted on August 10, 2018 in Photography

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