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Nature represents the beauty of the world. All the scenarios of nature can be enjoyed by the eyes. The eyes are the major developed sense organ rather than other types of sense organs. It receives the visual images which are then read by the brain.  

Component oan Eye 

The main component of the eyes is the cornea, iris, pupil, retina, and the lens. The cornea is a transparent front part of the eye through which light gain entry to the eye.  The iris is the coloured portion that regulates the amount of light that enters it. The pupil is a small hole in the iris that synchronized how much light was let into the eye. The lens focuses the light that falls on the retina. Retina from the image. It senses the light and sends it to the optic nerve of the brain and gives us the sensation of the vision. 

Eyes are the blessing of the Creature. We should take care of them but many diseases and genetics may cause variation in the functioning. 


Astigmatism is an imperfection of the curves of the cornea or the lens. The cornea or lens makes a curve like a small round ball. Such curvature bends focus the sharp image on the retina. If the cornea or lens curves are mismatched then the light rays are not bent the same and give a blurred image. It is also referred to as the refractive error. These mismatched curves cause blurred vision, eyestrain, headache, difficulty in night vision, and squinting. This imperfection is treatable. It requires surgery. This is termed the lenticular astigmatism correction. 

Astigmatism Correction 

The total refractive astigmatism is a combination of corneal and lenticular astigmatism. The average lenticular astigmatism is 0.5 dioptre. The lenticular astigmatism correction may be done surgically or by applying some simple exercises by the patient. It only cures astigmatism but also strengthens the eye muscles. 

Lenticular Astigmatism Correction by physical Exercises 

Astigmatism could be a cause of any genetic disorder or maybe as a result of trauma. Many exercises are practiced that results in lenticular astigmatism correction: 

  • Rectus Muscle Relaxation 

Place the thumb over the nose at 90 degrees. Move the figure in a clockwise direction. It reduces the stress on the cornea and keeps your eye muscles strong. 

  • Eye Massaging 

This exercise also restores the cornea. The fingers are putting on the eyelids and slowly pressed them.  

  • Reading 

It is an interesting exercise for lenticular astigmatism correction. It releases the strain and pressure caused by astigmatism. 

Lenticular Astigmatism Correction in Surgery 

Lenticular astigmatism correction is of greater importance during cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a sight-saving surgery that cures refractive errors and improves visual function. In surgery, there is a modification for lenticular astigmatism correction. Without manipulate the cornea, incision flattening toric intraocular lens (IOL), is a good option for treat refractive errors. These incision flattening toric intraocular lens (IOL) comes in two astigmatism correction of between 2.0 D to 3.5 D lens correct 1.4 D and 2.3 D astigmatism respectively with proper orientation and implementation.  

Incision flattening toric IOL differs from the spherical IOL as they have different powers in different meridian. Incision flattening toric with different cylinder power inserted in the eye to correct corneal astigmatism.


Cataract surgery involves the replacement of the naturally opacifying lens with the artificial plastic intraocular lens. It works based on the incision flattening toric according to the patient’s prescribed glasses.  It is studied that Incision flattening toric reduces the astigmatic effects at the sight of vision. It is noted that incision planning toric is more comprehensible than the surgically induced astigmatism (SIA) vector because SIA that only rotates astigmatism but not reduces it.

Incision flattening toric is most active when operating on the steep meridian and becomes neutral when operating on the flat meridian. Preoperative and intraoperative marking of the eye is crucial for the incision flattening toric. Before surgery, the patient seated right upward while fixating the limbus at a different position to mark. It is done due to the cyclorotation of the eye that occurs when lying flat. 

Tips for eyes safety 

  • Always watch television from distance and use safety glass to divert harmful rays 
  • Looks on the white wallpaper or white coloured / single light-coloured wall for fifteen seconds after every thirty minutes of watching television or using mobile for continuously. 
  • Never looks directly to the sun, or on bright lights and lamps. 

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