Reasons to hire a wedding stylist for your dream wedding

Wedding stylists are a relatively new niche in the wedding market these days and up until recently were only associated with celebrity weddings. They are now becoming a crucial part of weddings especially for those brides who have no knowledge about anything aesthetically related to their big day. They are often confused with wedding planners or managers and even though there is some overlap, planners usually incorporate everything from looking for venues and planning menus to tracking RSVPS while wedding styling Blue Mountains to any other area focuses on the overall design of the wedding. 

Stylists listen to your thoughts and try to match what you envision for your event from start to finish. They turn your dream into reality and start by encouraging the couple to put together all their ideas so that they can share it with them. It can be anything that the couple gets inspired from and can help give the stylist an idea of what you want. The stylist will then find a common theme that includes all the elements that the couple desires and one that also matches their personal style. They then include hints of the theme and colour scheme in everything from the invitations to the flowers and even to the bride’s dress.  

Finding the right person for your wedding styling in the blue mountains or any other location that you have chosen is similar to an interview process. You can visit as many stylists as you like until you find one that clicks to you and listen to what you have in mind. If you find someone that is in sync with your views and wants then it can help make your wedding even more beautiful and memorable. Stylists don’t have a fixed job description but ensures that the entire event is polished and looks amazing. You should tie them in as early as possible so that they can help you with all the big decisions especially the choice of venue for the ceremony and reception as it needs to be someplace that complements the entire vision and allows maximum personalisation. They charge according to their experience and skill level and wellknown stylists can be expensive .

You can hire a wedding stylist as well as a wedding planner for the day as then they can both focus on their areas of expertise and work together to create a balanced and beautiful space. Basically, a stylist starts by conducting a series of meetings with you to determine your dream day and then create a list of everything that you need from furniture to lighting. They also have their own personal inventory of décor that you can choose from and will also source any other items if you request them. They are there on the wedding day as well as after the event has taken place so that everything is returned properly. They have an abundance of knowledge and stock a variety of centrepieces, chandeliers and other décor items. 

There are many reasons for you to hire someone to carry out your wedding styling in the blue mountains or any other area. They will help shoulder the responsibility so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your special day to the fullest and help you focus on what is important instead of being stressed about small things. Details are what set apart your wedding from other ones and many couples don’t have the time to organise these things, this is where the wedding planner Blue Mountains makes your life easier by creating a concept specially for you day. They take out the time to really get to know to and get a sense of your likes and dislikes so that they can make your dream wedding come true. They have the creativity and aesthetic sense to help create a unique design. You can be confident that your wedding day will be flawless and have a harmonious look. Wedding stylists are your one stop shop for everything from stationery and venue decoration to your flowers and cake. 

Posted on April 11, 2019 in Wedding Services

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