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As human being, we all like to be noticed and recognised. The aim of our being on this Earth is to live happily and serve other people. We find many platforms and opportunities throughout our life but sometimes we miss those opportunities as we have some other commitments to be fulfilled first and we forego our own career and future. For example, we managed to have a degree but we don’t get the opportunity to be recognised or sometimes, it happens that we don’t have a degree but we have experience. But the thing that matters the most in terms of leading organisations or getting the highest post in the multinational is the degree. So, the barriers come along one way or the other. 

Importance of Licensing 

Let’s take the example of a freshly graduate. He needs a degree plus experience. Both are the things matter for him the most. Without a degree, no one would really like to hire him neither he can own his own business. No state will grant him the license if he doesn’t own a degree. We have to do all the things under the supervision of the law and rules of the residing state. When a person has a license in his hand, he can easily win the project because it is like a jackpot for him. The value of a degree multiple and he becomes recognised by his respected field members. An online certification program is being offered in which we get the certificate and license to carry forward our career in an effective manner. There is no restriction on the field. We have a wide option available to choose from the pool of the offered licensing fields. 

Online Licensing Facility 

We can get the license online. No matter if we have been residing in that particular state or not, we can enrol from overseas, we can easily convert our credit hours. Also, if we have an incomplete degree in any field then this license helps us in getting the degree done. Moreover, if we have the only experience and no degree even then we can get the license and start working in a prestigious manner. 

The procedure of Getting Building License 

Suppose, a builder wants to pursue his career in the construction and building field. He can apply for the online licensing program. Now, the question arises here is that how to get building license based in QLD. The procedure is so simple. We can apply though Skills certified’s RTO partners and RPL services. We need to choose the field in which we have to apply for licensing. The code, name and the duration of the course have been mentioned. We need to have the following pre-requisites and the documentation, otherwise, we are not eligible for the licensing program. 

  • The Identity Card 
  • Complete CV 
  • Receipts  
  • Portfolio 
  • Appointment Letter 
  • Reference Letter from licensed tradesmen worked with in the past. 
  • Work-Related Videos and Photos. 
  • Degree of qualifications (overseas). 
  • Marksheet from the related previous institute. 
  • Statements of Work  
  • Contracts  
  • Invoice Orders 
  • Job Permit Cards 
  • Precautionary manuals  
  • Updating reports and worksheet 

Cookery Certificate 

Under the title of certificate iii in commercial cookery, we can get the license for cooking commercially. We have seen many people around who have a dream of working as a chef. At a very young age, they start cooking. Various cooking competition can support and motivates their dream. They want to opt for their passion as their career. The barrier comes when they don’t find the opportunity to get a good job of making their career. They have experience but still unable to find a good job as they don’t have an official degree in their hands which makes them moves forward in their career. With the help of the certification, we manage to win the job at our desirable places. 

In short, we can get the jobs and make our career if we have a license in our bucket along with a degree and experience. No one can stop us from reaching the highest level. They work as a ladder for us and gradually we reach to the point where we always wanted to reach and see our future like a bright shining star.  

Posted on March 31, 2020 in Training & Skills

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