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Are you thinking of getting a horse trailer? It must be the most challenging thing that every horse owner needs to decide. There must be different options available for you to choose the one that meets your demand. However, one of the basic distinctions you can make is between the angle load floats and straight load floats. 2 horse angle load floats with living are definitely the best among them both. But the proper selection will require you to learn about them properly. So here are the essential points that you must consider before choosing the one in between them.  

Introduction to straight load floats and angle load floats 

Choosing the right option will depend practically on your demand. You must be sure about every point you want in your float. 2 horse angle load floats with living are perfect for more than two horses. Due to the angle stalls, it is ok to secure three horses due to the angled stalls.  

Angle load horse float.  

This type of floating method is different from the straight one. 2 horse angle load floats with living allows more horses to carry with them without affecting the float’s width and length. In addition, these floats have options for wheel placement. You will have a float with the stalls, which are left undisturbed by the wide trailer or by the wheels.  

Advantages of angle load horse’ float  

Horses favour mostly the angle stance. Due to their travel, that includes running, walking or any other mobile activity. Such an angle stance behaviour is natural and will increase their balance. Therefore, 2 horse angle load floats with living more comfortable for them. Moreover, some trailers can be angled too much, making the horses staining for getting the correct posture and balance. Using 2 horse angle load float with living can save significant time for you because it needs fewer efforts. You only need to put the horse inside it and then pull it wherever you want it to take you with it. 

Disadvantages of angle load horse float  

Everything comes with its pros and cons. However, there are not that many disadvantages of the angle float. As most of the flats will have a little tracking area. It means that the last horse must turn around due to the little room for turning around. 2 horse angle load floats with living can be used for unloading the last one. The second horse, especially without unloading the previous one. It is dangerous in case of urgency.  

Straight load horse float  

It will have easy access for traveler when you attach it with horses in the front. In some instances, they might be big enough in case of an emergency. The straight load floats can load only a few horses as compared to 2 horse angle load floats with living 

Advantages of the straight load horse float  

If you have large horses, then these horses’ loads are perfect for them. As compared to the 2-horse angle load float with living, it has enough room to move your horses comfortably.  

Cons of straight load horse float  

If you are hauling more than two horses, it will affect the size and width of the floats. It will then ultimately put more strain on the vehicle while it is towing. Therefore, before getting a trailer, always choose the horse size, the number of horses, and their activeness when they are unloading and loading. Regular service is essential as compared to horse floats in Australia and check forth the spare parts of the floats to keep them running well. 

Bottom note 

If we turn ourselves back, then we know that there are many complicated things. However, with time and with the advent of technology, things have changed significantly. Also, there have been a lot of things doing different tasks in efficient ways. The transportation of horses is indeed a very challenging task. There are different ways through which you can transport horses from one place to another. Hence, while waking forth the solutions, it is much better to choose the 2-horse angle load float with living. The type of horse directly attached to the vehicle can easily be attached by placing it inside a horse angle float container.  

Posted on June 10, 2021 in Animals & Pets

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