The Clutch Kit Your Subaru BRZ Deserves!

The Subaru BRZ is a sports car like no other. This beast of a motorcar comes loaded with a 2.0-liter Subaru Boxer 4-Cylinder DOHC Engine, helping it generate immense power of up to 205 horsepower @ 7,000 rpm and sizeable torque up to 156 lb-ft @ 6,400–6,800 rpm in the manual transmission variant. The BRZ’s fully synchronized 6-speed manual transmission allows for a powerful yet smooth drive for the operator. Manual transmission is the preferred option for most motor enthusiasts because it gives them more control over their car and allows them maximum economy when it comes to fuel consumption. But then, a good clutch is needed to go with that. A clutch is a subcomponent of a vehicle’s manual transmission framework that connects and disconnects the motor to the gearbox and transmutes torque to the vehicle’s transmission almost instantaneously. A clutch kit comprises of a clutch disc, friction plate and pressure plate, albeit some kit packages come with pilot bearings or bushings. These integral components – clutch plate, cover, springs, and release fingers – make up the aforementioned pressure plate. Of the two kinds of pressure plates, the diaphragm type is utilised more frequently as opposed to the spring-type pressure plate. Most clutch units have at least one friction disc. In the scenario where your motorcar has superior clutch kit materials installed for friction traction and more grounded springs to boot, odds are you get quicker and harder launches, more rapid shifts, and unparalleled durability.

If you are looking for premium quality Subaru BRZ Clutch Kits at a very reasonable price, then Mantic Clutch is your go-to car part provider. Being a complete service clutch maker, Mantic Clutch produces clutch kits, clutch cover assemblies, clutch flywheels and plates. With over 60 years of Australian advancement, design and assembling knowledge, Mantic Clutch has moved towards becoming arguably the largest and most experienced clutch manufacturer in the entirety of Australia. It appears to have both the experience and capability needed to offer its consumers a vast array of truly the most proficiently engineered clutch kits in the market. It is known for its signature bold innovation, and through identifying core proficiencies, it has been able to bring its strengths to the forefront and compete successfully in both Australian and overseas markets. An all-embracing Research and Development (R&D) department with highly experienced engineering and innovation capabilities enables Mantic Clutch to differentiate itself from competitors in both products and services alike.

Mantic Clutch embodies the essence of performance. It proposes a variety of precision-made clutches aimed at enhancing, augmenting and extending your Subaru BRZ driving experience. No matter your driving style or the nature of the road you want to take your car out for a spin on, rest assured that you’re in good hands when you choose their superior Subaru BRZ Clutch kits for your vehicle. Designed for pin-point precision and productivity, every moment behind the steering wheel is made that much more commanding and meaningful, whether you install these clutch kits for a purpose as grandiose as professional track racing or even something like casual driving. Mantic Clutch promises each vehicle and its driver utmost satisfaction, so it offers a wide scope of clutch kits in numerous disc configurations, guaranteeing the availability of a unit to suit each application and all kinds of financial constraints. Their prices are already extremely competitive as they are, but the additional discounts and bundle packages available on their website make this a bargain you simply can’t turn down. If you want to make the right choice for your car, then you may want to consider paying their catalogue a visit.

Quality assurance is of fundamental importance. You may rest assured that you’re getting the best parts and kits for your vehicle. All clutches at Mantic Clutch, especially their Subaru BRZ Clutch pack, are structured, developed and produced in-house to the strictest guidelines, guaranteeing that nothing but the absolute best leaves the industrial unit. Assembled with lower moment of inertia, torque capacity levels that are incredibly high, and a completely direct-fit design that makes for some straightforward installation, nothing any less than this flawless range deserves to adorn your beloved car. All Mantic Clutch items are the outcome of hours and hours of trailblazing research, development and intensively thorough testing. Built at a state-of-the-art Australian facility, these clutches are designed to tackle the toughest the road and track has to offer, ensuring that no matter where you’re going, you can rely on your clutch. Explore their range today and discover why such a vast majority of drivers choose Mantic Clutch for their Subaru vehicles.

You would normally be advised to go ahead and survey the entire market for a myriad of car parts before you reach your final decision, it’s a smart thing to do. But why not opt for the smartest choice for your vehicle and get yourself a Subaru BRZ Clutch kit today!

Posted on December 17, 2018 in Auto Services

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