Tips To Choose The Best Medical Practice Management Software

In the era of information technology, it has become imperative to streamline processes of every business at par with the digital requirements of today’s age else survival of quality would succumb to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the processes in place. The hospitals are more like a repository for storing and recording patient’s data in Australia in addition to providing the needed healthcare facility.

It is hence evident to have a good PMS (Practice Management Software) in place to pull off the successful medical services of patients across Australia. There are many benefits of this digital transformation ranging from the efficient running of day to day operations in the premises to staying ahead of the perceived time to attend patients on a timely basis.

There are many PMS available across Australia to choose from for a hospital but as every entity has a separate need, similarly, every software is unique and scalable as well. Therefore, it is important to choose the one for the hospital which would be as per the requirements or not merely based upon the word of mouth.  Stat Health Systems in Australia, knowing this has come up with a system which is not only customisation as per the needs of the hospital and its scale of operation but also, works wonders for the efficiency of operations in the hospital. It is always best to consult with the team of experts before getting your hands on one of the available PMS in the market.

Considering this below is given a few tips and pinpointed a few factors which would help you choose the right software:

Users Identification 

As medical practice software would be used by many individuals associated with the relevant category. Therefore, it is important to make a list of desired features that your PMS should have to help in the find. The best way out is to go to the user of each category and record their needs and requirements from a software then compile the lists and start your quest. Generally, the best software attends to the needs of each and every individual with the flexibility quotient.

Integration with Current Software 

No matter which practice management software you are considering to bring into place, it is important that it should allow the roam for integration with the current system and software such as billing, insurance, medical records etc. The more integration with the current system a PMS would offer you, the better it would be to step up from your ground whilst enhancing the effectiveness of operations, time effectiveness and streamlining of overall processes.

Real-Time Cost of PMS 

You should be able to differentiate between the major and minor costs of the PMS. You need to know the exact cost of using the system in place to be in a better position to make a decision. Generally, the major costs are comprised of charges for registration, cost per doctor, cost per creating a new user as well as of data conversion. Then there’s another cost which plays a pivotal role in determining the real-time cost and that is system maintenance of the medical practice management software.

First Demo 

An ideal vendor should be open to providing you with the test run of the software before the purchase to help you better understand it. Therefore, ask for the demo even if it is not mentioned and while you are getting the demo, take a minute look at the dashboard and interface of it as well as user-friendliness and the mandatory features. Stat Health Systems are very peculiar about customer satisfaction and hence, leaves no stone upturned to make the medical practice software scalable as per the needs.


The kind of reports you need to get out of the software is very critical as well as the systematic analysis on them. Be sure about the reports you want your software to generate and be very particular about it. Reports should be very concise, reliable and should be recorded in an ageing manner to better depict the overall progress of a patient’s healthcare. Similarly, information on patient records, per patient visits to the hospital as well as profits being generated are very important on the monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Once you are clear about what you want out of a practice management software in Australia, you would be able to make a better decision. Rule of thumb is to always make a list of 3 vendors and then start the consideration process as per your local needs.


Posted on September 6, 2018 in Software & Technology

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