Top Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry for your teeth

No wonder people from all across the world are crazy about cosmetic dentistry whether they have a medical problem or they just want to uplift their confidence and get a flawless smile. The reason behind getting a cosmetic procedure done to your teeth is same but the procedure can vary from person to person. Some people want to eliminate the gaps between their teeth, others want to straighten the grin for a perfectly aligned jaw, and some just want to brighten them with whitening treatments to eradicate the yellow and stained teeth due to over consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, or not taking care of the oral hygiene properly.  Whatever the reason is this onetime cost will benefit you over a long period of time. Some of the procedures dentist in Chatswood offers are miraculous and can not only boost your moral but can change your life forever just by beautifying your smile. 

Stained teeth 

The demand for teeth whitening procedures is number one in all the cosmetic dentistry in Lane Cove processes. Whether you get it done at a dental clinic or get certified teeth whitening kits at home they have tremendous results and a huge demand. Tooth resins and dental bonding are also available for the treatment of tooth discoloration and dark yellowish brown stains. If a person doesn’t want to go through these lengthy procedures they can always go for porcelain veneers. 

Chipped tooth 

Teeth can be easily broken or chipped by a slight fall or an accident but that doesn’t mean you have to smile with a chipped tooth all your life and shatter your confidence. Minor chips can easily be fixed with tooth bonding resins and fillings. In case of major damage you can always go for porcelain veneer for a safer and long term solution. 

Crooked Teeth 

There is a myth that a crooked tooth can only be fixed with help of braces, but that’s not completely true. A mild tilt of your tooth can be easily fixed with help of veneers, ideal for those who don’t want to bear the hassle of braces for months. 

Missing teeth and unattractive fillings 

Generally if you are missing a teeth or two you do not need to worry about dentures instead they can be easily fixed with help of crowns and bridges to complete your smile and reboot your confidence. In case of fillings there are multiple types of fillings nowadays to protect your tooth, you may not have any issue having a silver filling in your back teeth and molars but this is not an option for a front tooth and can easily be covered by a crown or porcelain veneer. 

Large Gaps and Cavities 

Just like in case of crooked teeth you don’t always need to go for braces to cover large gaps between teeth instead they can be easily amended through porcelain veneers or dental bonding resin. Cavities need fillings to stop further damage and prevent any more worsening of the cavity, in the past there was only one type of silver filling to prevent tooth decay but it doesn’t look attractive at all, nowadays a flaw like this can easily be fixed by filled with composite resin which is almost the same colour resin as your tooth. 

Broken Tooth 

A broken or uneven tooth can cause problems while chewing your food and can cause tooth decay very easily as often food gets stuck in the hollow area of a broken tooth and cause cavities, and looks extremely unpleasant if they are in front. These broken teeth can easily be covered with crowns or porcelain veneers on top of them for a perfect bright and attractive smile.  

Having a perfect bright smile is everyone’s dream, and now getting it is not something very difficult to achieve. If you can spend some money on a pair of good quality porcelain veneers with help of some other whitening treatments and above mentioned procedures to get rid of any unwanted flaws in your teeth. Boost your confidence once again and try out our cosmetic dental procedures, we assure you our services will never disappoint you  

Posted on September 10, 2020 in Dental Care

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