Top Things To Consider For Outdoor Lounges In Australia

Aussies are very cautious and picky about the aesthetics of their homes and patio in particularly. Reason being it is not an everyday investment, therefore, they want to make sure that whatever they are choosing is the best thing available in the market which also goes well with the overall design symmetry of the house and as well as to their own tastes and preferences. Generally, when a person opts to buy outdoor furniture then he or she naturally considers all the factors of that of the indoor furniture such as durability, style, and functionality. Little do they realize is that outdoor furniture has to bear the harshness of Australian climate and weather as well throughout its lifespan. Hence, it is imperative that you choose with care when it comes to adorning your patio or outdoor.

The Premium Patio in Australia have been operating since 2011 with a vision to provide aussies with top notch outdoor furnishings options that are not only easy on pocket but could also stand the test of Australian weather.

Bear in mind that the outdoor furniture, its frames, tabletops, and upholstery should be able to retain its structural integrity and colour over many seasons, therefore, you must adhere to following considerations while choosing outdoor furniture for your home, such as;

Rain & Moisture Resistant

You must ensure that your timber outdoor lounge should be water resistant and moisture repelling in order to fight the rainy days and extreme weather conditions in Australia. This comes in particularly very handy when you are residing in the rain-prone area. Because the standing water not only damages the physical strength of the furniture but also lead to health risks as well.

Safety Against UV Rays

Australian weather is highly unpredictable, if it’s raining for a few days then it will be sunny as well in no time. Therefore, you should choose your outdoor furniture Australia based upon the frequency of the weather and climate of your area. If it happens to be too sunny then your chosen material should be able to fight against the UV rays and harshness of fluctuations from extreme hot to cold weather.

Windy Climate

If you live in a windy area then your patio furniture Australia has to be heavy than the usual lightweight one else it will blow away whenever the wind would blow. If this is not possible then you will have to keep a storage space for the safe-keeping of your furniture during the extremely windy weather.


If you intend to use your timber outdoor lounge too frequently then it is better to consider durability factor while choosing the furniture. However, if the usage is not that frequent or routine-based then you can fluctuate on the durability factor not otherwise.

Maintenance of Furniture

If you are that kind of a person who does not want its outdoor furniture in Australia to be maintained and cleaned every now and then; you should opt for those options which are easy to maintain and could be made clean with simple soup or water instead of spending your sums of money on those materials which are difficult to maintain and to clean.


People are getting more environmentally aware of the passage of time; having said this, they prefer those products which are eco-friendly. Considering this, they prefer to opt for those options and brands which adheres to the green manufacturing practices. If you are one of the lots as well who want to be ecologically responsible then trace your options accordingly.

Cost Is Important

It is imperative that one must consider the holistic cost factor while making the decision regarding outdoor furniture patio in Australia. Reason being, it is not only the fixed cost of the furniture that counts rather the cost of maintenance and part replacement also come as equally important. Similarly, the frequency of maintenance also adds up to the overall cost. So if you are tight on budget or have a financial limit then you must consider the opportunity cost as a whole instead of just looking at or considering the cost of face value only.

No matter which material you choose for your outdoor furniture, the better care you would take for it, the more durable it will stay. Hence, you should make a habit of cleaning it during the summers and after it in order to give it longevity and strength.


Posted on January 7, 2019 in Construction & Building

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