What are the various benefits of screw piling?

Screw piling is a modern construction tool used around the world in the construction industry. It has brought a revolution in the construction industry which has changed the dynamics. During old times, if some house or building had started the construction, it uses to take a certain time for the foundation to make sure that the strength of the foundation is earthquake resistant or certain wind or jerk resistant. But thanks to screw piling method which has tremendously reduced labour hours and construction time.  


  • Minimize project time: 

The biggest requirement for any client is a timeline. A lot of times construction companies makes upcharge while reducing the timeline because logically reduction in time is increased in manpower which means an increase in the cost. But with the help of screw piling method, construction companies can overcome the constraint of the timeline and without an increase in manpower. Again, cost factor is still a question mark as the technology is new and certain economies of scale is yet to be achieved in screw piling. 

  • Easy installation 

As the construction industry has evolved over the period with modern earth moving equipment for the excavation of the site, foundation making and roof ceiling. Screw piling has its benefits for the easy installation for the foundation making and without dependency on the labour. Since it is not a labour-intensive work it works in a module and any unskilled worker can work on it. 

  • Easily accessible 

Since it has commercialized throughout time, each country is working in this direction to opt for the use of screw piling as it reduces a lot of man-hours and time. Availability is also not a problem as most of the countries are producing screw piling in house and are self-sufficient. Some specialized companies in Australia and China are producing in bulk scale and available in ample quantity. 

  • Reduction of carbon footprint: 

The biggest advantage of screw piling beside reduction time and reduction in manpower is a reduction in carbon footprint which is most of all helping our planet and environment to stay healthy and less harmful. As we all know during the construction, a lot of equipment and water is used for the baking of the foundation. With the use of screw piling all the use of water is drastically reduced which in the end reduce overall carbon footprint as well. 

  • Easy removal when foundation no more required: 

As the installation of screw piling is quite simple and basic, the removal and dis installation are even more easy and simple. The making of the foundation has not been that easy before with the use of screw piling and method to reduce the labour hours to reduce the overall time. 

  • Reduce risk for the workforce 

Today the most difficult job is to find a skilled and reliable labour force. Since the industry has digitized, not many work forces are willing to enter the labour-intensive job like in the construction industry as it requires a lot of efforts, blood and sweat to make hard-earned money. But with the use of screw pier, the dependency on the workforce has tremendously decreased drastically. However, the need of man is always there but for example, if a construction site requires 70 labour, now with the help of screw piling for the foundation job only 15 to 20 will be required as most of it is a modular system which is just plugged and play. This also reduces the time and management very less. 

  • Reduce cost 

Today, the world is becoming a lot more competitive than before. The taxation is increasing as the global economy is changing drastically. Each company is looking to be as competitive as possible to increase its profits and decrease the cost of construction. Since the construction industry has become very competitive and there are a lot of options available in the market in terms of contractual or turnkey real estate builders. The use of technology is essential to compete with those who can throw in ample of money to get things done on time. Company’s reputation also depends on what is the quality of construction and how much company is fulfilling its commitment in terms of time. Screw Piles installation have been earning a huge chunk of profits by providing reliable services to the clients. 

Posted on April 20, 2020 in Small Business Services

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