Why You Should Get The Fuji Xerox cm305df For Your Office

What is fuji xerox cm305df? 

In the 21st century, an office highly relies on a printing facility. Whether it’s a bank or a hospital, there is a photocopy room that is working around the clock to fulfil the photocopying needs. Even in educational institutions, a separate room is assigned to meet the photocopying needs. This is because this facility saves a lot of time that would be otherwise spent on reproducing the same data. With hundreds of documents circling the office all the time, a photocopy machine saves a lot of time. This is why this machine is working round the clock in every office.  

Such heavy duty performance requires a machine that is not only able to work without breaks, but also deliver quality work in lesser amount of time. This need has been fulfilled by different Xerox machines, but with the advancement in technology, the Xerox machines have been modified to be more suited to an office. This means, making it compact and multifunctional. The fuji Xerox cm305df is one such example that has been made compact, making it ideal for the office. Moreover, the machine has been designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. The device operates on a fuji Xerox cm305df toner that can be replaced after worn out.  

Why buy from authorised resellers? 

When you’re buying fuji Xerox cm305df for your office, it is important that you contact only the authorised resellers. Often people get it from the market and end up with regrets. There are a lot of reasons that make it necessary to get this machine from authorised dealers only. Following are some of these reasons.  


The first and foremost, the maintenance. Being a heavy-duty machine, fuji cm305df will need a lot of servicing at regular intervals. If you buy the machine from unauthorised resellers, you will have problem getting the assistance from the fuji Xerox Singapore. Therefore, it is important that you get this machine only from authorised resellers so you can not only get regular assistance, but also you can receive help if the device encounters some malfunction.  

The risk of cheap parts 

When you’re buying from unauthorised resellers, there is a great chance that some part might be fixed or replaced with a cheaper part. This can create trouble later on, especially if the replaced/ repaired part is of critical nature. Many unauthorised resellers make use of this unethical practice to cut down the cost of the machine and sell it at a cheaper rate than the unauthorised resellers.  

Poorer quality prints 

A fuji Xerox cm305df is a valuable investment for your office so getting it at a slightly cheaper price at the risk of reduced quality is not a wise move. Some unauthorised resellers disable the drum life indicator in order to extend the drum yield. This benefits them while it costs you the quality of the printing.  

Untrained staff 

As mentioned earlier, you do not get assistance in maintenance of the machine if you get the machine from unauthorised resellers. Some offices turn to local photocopy machines for this. This may cost less, but in the long run, it reduced the life of the machine. The untrained technicians will not be able to find the root cause of the problem and that can lead to the growth of secondary problems. Moreover, the local technicians will be unable to get the latest firmware upgrades for the machine.   

Its strengths 

Most Xerox machines that are designed for office use, lack the ability to print graphics and images. Unlike these Xerox machines, the fuji cm305df prints graphics of the same quality as the text. There’s often a need to print images and graphics for official documents. This can be for some report or a part of marketing campaign for the client. The ability to print images along with text of the desired quality, makes this machine a multifunction printer. Moreover, the machine also has an automatic duplexing feature that helps in maintaining the quality of work. Lastly, despite the numerous functions that are not mentioned here, the machine does not compromise on the security aspect. There are 3 different security layers that ensure the security of the documents.  

Some downsides 

Thorough examination of the device brings up 2 main drawbacks this machine has. Firstly, the device is not as compact as its competitors. This may be due to the numerous functions and features. Secondly, the device makes a considerable amount of noise which can be distracting in some work-environments. However, the multifunction nature of the machine compensates for the first drawback. As for the considerable noise, most offices have a separate room for photocopy machine for the same purpose; to minimise the distraction due to its sound.  

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