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What is a bad credit loan? 

It is a type of personal loan that is offered to borrowers who have weak, bad or no credit at all. There are on offer multiple kinds of bad credit loans Australia on the financial market being advanced by a multitude of financial institutions such as the banks, credit unions and the online lenders as well. A general characteristic forming an integral component of the bad credit loans is that they are expensive. The logical explanation for this comprise the reality that the lenders would not like you to not return their loan, therefore, they would make effort to compensate themselves by charging you higher interest rates since advancing you loans appear riskier. By their perspective, you have a track record of either not repaying your loans or repaying them late. Apparently this enables the institution to make more money on the bad credit loans and this offsets the real possibility of many borrowers defaulting on repayment of the bad credit loan extended to them. For instance, if 200 people borrow funds and 20 of them are expected to default on their loan repayment then the company would be compelled to charge sufficient amount of money on the 80 so as to offset the anticipated loss on the 20.  

There are two fundamental types of a bad credit loans Australia that you may benefit from. Namely, they comprise the secured and the unsecured bad loans. An unsecured bad credit loan refers to borrowing on the basis of signing of a contract and the promise to repay by the terms and conditions of their loan. In case you default on their repayment, the lender could either handover the debt collection to a debt recovery agency or the lender would pursue you through litigation or any other possible legal mechanism. The typical examples include personal instalment loans, credit cards and the loans advanced to students for their educational pursuits. Thus, as you may notice there is no collateral involved in this case, the bad credit loans Australia are loan are given after simply taking your signature.  

On the other hand, the secured bad credit loan asks you to render a value item of yours as a collateral to secure the loan. Technically, this means that in case you are not able to repay the loan then the lender would be legally allowed to seize the collateral to sell it to recoup their losses. Prototypically, a payday loan is a secured loan. Here, you are not required to offer your car or the deed to your house as a collateral, but you can secure the loan through issuing a check for the amount of the loan plus the interest charges or the fees. If you fail to repay the secured payday loan then the lender would cash your check to recover their advanced funds.

Now, you have got two clear cut types pf personal loan to opt from!

You would find the bad credit application a simple process and here it is for your ease:  

The bad credit loan application procedure comprises the following easy online steps: 

  1. The system of the lender organisation would assess your application details and would respond with the result that is referred to as pre-qualifying. 
  2. In case pre-qualified, the lending professional would carry out a rapid verification of your situation and your capacity to manage the repayment keeping in view the documents submitted by you. 
  3. Next, the credit check is performed prior to the approval of the loan. 
  4. The lender would usually issue the letter of offer following the approval and would apprise you of the result of the credit check as well. 
  5. Upon signing by you of the contract statement between you and your lender, the needed funds would be on their way into your bank account within one hour generally. 

 The degree of confidence within  your mind in connection with acquiring funds through a lender even when you have had bad credit history does indeed produce into you great feeling of the presence of an apparent helping hand when even no relative  would like to extend his helping hand towards you, thus removing your sense of loneliness. This because the lender financial institutions understand that the reasons for your bad credit history would have been beyond your control and, therefore, it would not be a permanent phenomenon. Conclusively, you can apply for a bad credit loan with strong conviction.  

Posted on July 25, 2018 in Financial Services

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